Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Wishing you a beautiful Christmas, lots of love and joy and all things that warm your heart

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


A bit of a trip down memory lane - I was just flicking through posts on my old blog and thought I'd repost these... Just because I'm in a Phantom of the Opera mood today. Hope your holiday preparations are going well!

(Self portraits)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


...I've been terribly good this year (make what you will of the oxymoron), and I have a little shopping list for you... which should come just under £1000, very reasonable if you ask me...
1. A deliciously impractical winter jacket (you can't close it), but oh it makes me purrrr. Find it here (Zara).
2. Pants for apprentice hypnotists. I wouldn't mind her legs either. Find them here (Zara)
3. The finest of the fine Gabriela Artigas ring. Find it here.
4. Beautifully unrefined Jacqui Aiche ring. Find it here.
5. Mmmm metallic gem. Dara Ettinger ring, find it here.
6. Zara clutch. Looks a lot more swish in real life, trust me. Find it here.
7. Baroque romance + not-so-hardcore faux leather = love at first sight. Find it here (Zara)
8. Perfect for when you feel like blending in with 16th century Italian architecture. Find the dress here.
9. You know what, I'm still not over the Jeffrey Campbell Lita. And now you can look like you're floating in mid-air with them - what more could one want? Find them here.
10. For muting the snow-glow. And looking more important than you really are. Find the Nasty Gal shades here.
11. Meow. Find it here (Topshop).
12. Because I'm just that hardcore. But mostly because my standard mid-sized handbag is coming apart. Find it here (Topshop)

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Photos by Jack

I confess, Christmas sentiments have hit me hard, and the gold jumper and festive nails are out. I think it's because of the hyper-chill that's attacked my little FrenchVille - it gets so cold these days it's basically unnatural. All the more so when the thickest over-garment I seem to have brought to France with me is this vintage blazer-esque thing whose buttons are purely decorative. It's also about 4 sizes too big, so I have to roll up the sleeves to avoid being mistaken for a scarecrow. All in all not a great combination for when the thermometer starts hitting the zeroes.

Actually Jack is the true culprit in all this Christmasiness - he came to see me and remind me of every great (and/or notsogreat) Christmas song there ever was. On that note, I hope all your Christmas shopping is going well and you've sent your Christmas wishes to all your respective Santas - I'll probably be posting my list of desires on here and hoping that someone who loves me reads this blog=)

(vintage jacket; H&M shirt; Zara jumper, jeans and shoes; Topshop jewelry)