Saturday, April 27, 2013


new macbook and photoshop! loving the retina display =Pmama's breakfast cafe, so delicious.our trolley driver!"hot cookie" - somme pretty awesome cookies and some pretty obscene walls.

As my time in the US draws to an end, I am finally sharing some photos with you. California is an incredible place (despite the fact that it didn't completely live up to its nickname of "the sunny state" this week) and I will most definitely be back as soon as I can! Hopefully I'll manage to jailbreak the loverboi from exams / work the next time=) These are a few shots from our first day full day in San Francisco - such an incredible city - we scaled pretty much the full length of its rolling hills on foot, what a workout! I'm flying back to the UK soon, but more from this trip to come!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


  Sorry for my (week long?) absence on here, but things have been uber busy! I'm in California at the moment (!!!), San Francisco more specifically=) It's such a fab city, I'm slowly but completely falling for it and I promise to share some of my (already) thousands of photos the minute I manage to migrate my files onto my new Mac (!!!). My old BigMac will be dearly missed - especially as it was the last white MacBook model ever=(

For now I'm sharing some photos of my packing endeavours and sending my love across the Atlantic to my loverboi, who should really be here with me.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I've been getting a few questions in comments / messages recently, of which a few were quite similar, so I thought I'd post the answers here. They're on completely random topics, sorry, but you might find something or other of interest in the answers... maybe =)

1. What camera / kit do you use?
I use a Nikon D7000 and have a kit lens (18-105mm, f/3.5) which I barely ever use and a prime lens (35mm, f/1.8) which I never leave the house without. I also have an external flash, which I only use when shooting commissioned evening events, I prefer natural light for my personal stuff.

2. What is the font you used in your April Fools' post / did you create it yourself?
The writing over the image isn't actually a font, it's just my hand-drawn doodles edited in Photoshop and then laid over an image, which is what I've done with the image in my Dreams post too. I don't actually know how to create a font... anybody want to teach me?=)

3. How do you get that tousled look with your hair?
My hair is naturally quite straight (wavy in damp / hot weather), so making it look tousled is not an easy feat. For one, I barely ever brush it (the knots tend to come out by themselves). I also sometimes use a beach spray whilst it's still drying - the Fudge Urban sea salt spray. It smells sooo good.

(I think I'll leave it at that so as not to bore you too much) Also - I apologise for sparse posting this week - I'm in the midst of a busy work placement with a long Cambridge-London commute! Exciting and tiring all at the same time =) Especially exciting as I finally get to be with my loverboi for a bit, this long distance thing is a pain! How are you all wildcats?

Saturday, April 6, 2013


A little something everyone needs to be reminded of sometimes. Especially if, like me, you're a notorious dreamer, full of what I'm sure some people would refer to as grand and naive ideas. But I'm very attached to my grand and naive ideas, sorry non-believers =P

I'm off to the UK tomorrow, I'll be pendling between Cambridge (to see my loverboi, whom I so miss here in the FrenchVille) and London (for a week's work plaecement). After that, I'm off to California for 10 days! Exciting times!

I hope you all have a truly lovely weekend, and don't forget to check the post below for a free photoshop curve!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Model: Nazym B, Photography: yours truly, Outfit: model's own
Nazym and I had a lovely Sunday afternoon running around our little FrenchVille getting confused looks from strangers and comments from grannies and grandpas alike whilst doing this shoot, of which parts 2 & 3 are underway. To see the rest of part 1, please click here.

To spread the love a little, I've decided to share my girl in the city photoshop curve with you (used in the shoot above)!

If you would like this free curve, just follow me on BLOGLOVIN' and FACEBOOK and comment below with your email address or send me a message on facebook so I can send you the curve =)

Monday, April 1, 2013


-from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
So, touching my nose with my tongue is a skill I have yet to master, but in the mean time I'm working on my hand illustration-to-photoshop skills... What do you think? Hope you all have a fab April Fools' and pull some worthy pranks =)

p.s. You may have noticed the "Ask me anything" box popping up on the side >>>> I've recently gotten a few messages with similar questions and thought this might just be an easier way to do it =)