Wednesday, November 7, 2012


In my continuing search for what on Earth I want to do with the rest of my life, I spent this past week interning at the Sunday Telegraph (UK newspaper). I worked and sat in on an eclectic array of tasks - highlights included interviewing a high-flyer in the arts world, editing the Queen's obituary (no, she's not dead) and even getting to write a short article that has been published in last Sunday's paper. I quickly found out that tea is the primary fuel of every Telegraph journalist and I am now certain that as long as the newspaper lives, Twinings will never go out of business.
I whizzed up the 111 Buckingham Road escalators on Monday morning not really knowing what to expect. I've done a million and one law internships / work experience weeks, but now, for the first time, I am seriously considering abandoning the securely paved path of a future solicitor for something closer to my heart. The truth is, I'd be perfectly happy working at some City firm negotiating contracts and making a ton of cash, buying a new pair of Jimmy Choos every week... But there's this annoying twitchy creative part of me that just won't give me a break.

And so I found myself at the Telegraph. I started off in the Life section, through to the design section, through to the fashion section of Stella magazine, through to news... So I basically stalked / annoyed / questioned every possible person working at the paper. It's so much easier with open-plan offices. Sometimes it even means you can stalk / annoy / question multiple people at the same time. Perfection.


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