Monday, November 19, 2012


I know I promised a post on Bordeaux, but I've been travelling so much in the past few weeks that it just seems too specific at this point. The thing is, I love being on the move, meeting new people, seeing new places, but also revisiting the old. My parents sat me on my first flight alone when I was 5 years old. Not long after I decided I must become an air hostess - for how could I ever find happiness on the ground once I'd been amongst the clouds? All melodrama aside, the point is that I like travelling. To that end, the past two months have taken me from Poitiers to Bordeaux to Tours to Brussels to London to Cambridge to Manchester to Cromer and back again - not in that order and some of them repeatedly. The life of an Erasmus student, eh?

But this post was triggered by a conversation I had with someone about the possibility of the UK leaving the EU. "Why would I ever want to leave the UK anyway?" they asked. You have no idea how that makes my blood boil. By all means, be as Euro-sceptic as you like, but an argument that's based on a stubborn unwillingness to learn and discover is, to me, the absolute height of ignorance. And what's worse - it's an ignorance that's self-perpetuating because some minimal open-mindedness is needed for a person to change their mind.

Anyway, rant over. Let's avoid getting too political for a fashion//photography blog... Maybe it's best to ignore my complaints and just enjoy the photos=)

[photos: cathedral in Bordeaux, view from the Tour Pey-Berland in Bordeaux, flea market in Bordeaux, landing in London at sundown, Futuroscope in Poitiers, the new London King's Cross, Cromer pier]

Where have your travels taken you recently?


Tara said...

Such a lovely post! I understand what you mean about having that urgent need to get up and simply travel - to change one's surroundings by, either, minute increments or drastically.
Also - wonderful photographs! I know the Nikon D700 is an awesome camera, but to achieve some of the shots you have you must also be a pretty darn good photographer!
Many thanks for the lovely comment, too. It is greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes,


wobblinbetty said...

Great pics darling!

Erica Poyauan said...

hi i find your blog interesting :) so i am following you now :) id appreciate if you follow back :)
The Girl with the Muji Hat

Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

beautiful pictures!

X Jenny

Viv said...

great snapshots, the views are great!

Unknown said...

Amazing shots!

My last travel - Austria :)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Oh, my parents put my sister and me on an international air plane for the summer holidays when I was 10 years old. It was close to a full day's flight with a stopover, and nobody to guide us through until the pick up on the other side of the Pacific by my auntie (who didn't know us and only had photographs to go by!). I thought it was the greatest adventure. I suppose we could have been imaginative and made a run for it at the other end! Anyhow, I can't imagine doing it as a 5-yr old though. Kudos to you.

Thank you for dropping by my blog. Yours is lovely and I hope to see you again. - J xx

t said...

Nice pics!

Natasha Gregson said...

Wow, sounds like you've been travelling a lot, that is awesome :) Beautoful pictures, you've visited some beautiful towns!!