Thursday, March 21, 2013


Given that I consider myself relatively proficient in Photoshop, my experience with Adobe Illustrator is somewhat non-existent. Fear not, however - I fully plan to remedy this gross deficiency in due course. To that end, I present you with my very first graphic "illustration", of which I am disproportionately proud considering the fact that it's closer to early Microsoft clip art than art. But hey, you've gotta start somewhere, right? I drew (is it still called drawing on a computer?) this whilst designing logos for a project I'm starting with my loverboi (more on this soooon!).

If this has sparked any unrequited desires to learn how to tackle Adobe Illustrator then I recommend requiting them with this free 30 day online "course", which actually takes about a couple of hours to complete. It's super simple and beginner-friendly=)

In other news, I'm happier with the look / layout of my blog now, after hours of fiddling with it, although I've still got a few bots to figure out. What do you wildcats think?

P.S If you are following me with GFC or are interested in being a new follower, could you pretty please consider following with BLOGLOVIN' instead. As many of you have heard, Google Reader is shutting down and GFC is likely to go with it. Merci beaucoup =)


Unknown said...

well made !

Tara said...

Wonderful illustration! I absolutely love the feather motif and, much like you, I love all things artsy and all things tech-y... though, when they're put together, things often get far too complicated for my liking!
Cannot wait to hear more about the project and I'm really fond of the new blog layout.

Best Wishes,


bon. said...

ohh im gonna do that course this weekend, i have no adobe illustror skills! the blog looks great btw

really hope gfc doesnt shut down :(

Carissa Clark said...

I think it looks great! That's one thing, I've been trying to learn as well. I've been exploring tutorials at - so amazing!

Can't wait to see more of your creations :)