Thursday, March 14, 2013


I realise this has been happening to most of central / northern Europe this week, but I still had a major WTF moment when the snow cloud hit us bang in the middle of a sunny (if freezing) walk. I'm stuck with a stuffy cold, can't move for the number of jumpers I'm wearing and all I can think of is running around barefoot on some distant summer beach... Flipping through my photos from Vietnam didn't help either, but as misery loves company, I'm going to share these with all you lucky wildcats. And I realise my face is an odd colour in that, I may have been a little sunburnt.

On a slightly similar but entirely different note, I have an overwhelming bank of inspiration images and photographs that I'm sure are contributing to the increasingly sluggish pace of my beloved laptop. I've therefore decided to start a tumblr for my collection of inspiration, which begins with something sunny... find it here:

p.s. You may have noticed the change in layout - I'm still playing around with bits and bobs, so please excuse the unfinished look =)


Unknown said...

looks like paradise!

love, Gongy

Tamara said...

wonderful photos :)

pittsburgh in polka dots said...

The weather here has been increasingly frustrating, too! One day we're teased with spring, the next we have a snow storm. Lovely pictures and your tumblr is off to a beautiful start!


Mariana said...

looks so stunning! Wish I was there too.

x Mariana |