Sunday, September 22, 2013


A few little birthday surprises (i know, it was ages ago, get over it Eliska) from some lovely people <3 Helmut Newton's Pola Woman, a mug from Stockholm, Kiehl's cosmetics, a Kindle, theatre tickets and some deliciousness... =)

Pár malých narozeninových překvapení od zlatých lidí <3 Pola Woman od Helmuta Newtona, hrnek ze Stockholmu, kosmetika od Kiehl's, Kindle, lístky do divadla a nějaké dobroty...=)


ice pandora said...

Ohhhh happy birthday!
Love the presents c: Is
that a candle on that
huge muffin? NICE!

Stephanie Dong said...

Awww that stuff looks awesome especially the food and kindle! :D

Unknown said...

The bunting is so cool. Is it handmade?

Katherine Unique said...

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Unknown said...

What a fabulous haul of pressies. very jealous.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday <3 !
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akiko hiramatsu said...

Happy birthday.
Birth day goods is so great!
is this handmade?


f said...

love that keihl's serum!

following :)

from helen at