Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It's been a month and a half since I arrived in my little FrenchVille. I'm here on Erasmus, and whilst your immediate response to that is probably "wheeeyyy, partaaaayyyyy!" I can assure you that that's hardly the case - partly because this FrenchVille prides itself in maybe 3 clubs in total (at a push) and partly because the dance floors in any of the three only start filling up around 3am *shock, horror*. Seriously, whatever happened to good old beauty sleep? When that question comes from a notorious insomniac, you know something's not quite right.
Anyway, my habits are slowly slipping toward the French stereotype - I've scorched my inner arm on a fresh baguette I was clamping under it whilst trying to balance my coffee and open our french windows to enjoy my breakfast on a balcony overlooking the classically white streets of FrenchVille. I've taken to red wine, which I am now perfectly happy to drink on my own whilst buried in a romance novel, intermittently savouring a slice of camembert or two. I've began slipping French words into English and my blood no longer boils at the sight of paperwork. Cigarettes are the one thing I can't imagine succumbing - they still smell crap and yellow teeth haven't become any more attractive.

But I can do a year of this, yes...

[Images: 1. Musselssss, mmm who'd have known I'd get so into these squidgy little things. 2. An average evening of mine, fashion "reading", strewn clothes and his love notes on my window]


AVY said...

This is a very cute post, it made me a little happier.


Lindsey Louise Bales said...

your work space/desk is so lovely!

lindsey louise

James Pouliot said...

I love the picture of your desk. Proof that a photo doesn't need to be of a designer dress to be beautiful.

Hope you have time to check me out at

Much love,


Sophielou said...

what beautiful pictures!! xxxx

Daysha said...

Really nice! Would love to be French...sigh.♥