Friday, October 5, 2012


Welcome wildcats, I present you my new-born blogling! Whilst THE HEART BLOG and I have had some good times together, the relationship started feeling a bit stale and claustrophobic - so I've hit restart on the blogosphere, and here I am, and here you are. 

Many things have changed since my last post on THE HEART BLOG: my hair is shorter, my camera is bigger, the weather's colder and I have somehow found myself in the middle of nowhere in France. That said, many things have stayed the same: I'm still Eurasian, I still think I'm a good deal taller than I actually am and I'm still obsessed with all things visual ("I'm superficial" seemed a bit harsh). For more about yours truly, feel free to visit the about section.

For now I shall leave you with the very first photo taken with that brand spankin' new Nikon D7000 and very much tigerlove.

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schhhhh said...

<3 from the lawfac. Feels weird without you here!

Unknown said...

wow, that already looks amazing :)
new follower!
maybe check out my blog, if you wish :)