Saturday, October 20, 2012


Other than a pair of owl-covered socks I once got for Christmas from a friend (which, I'm sure, were intended to highlight my eternal wisdom), I'm not usually the quirky sock type, but I've decided this is allowed, dots and studs and all. Less because I'm that cool and more because I really need to do my laundry, so my sock selection is on the sparse side. So this isn't really an attempt at some grand fashion revelation - this is me showing off my brand new Zara oxford flats.

In other news, I spent half the week in Brussels and I'm off to Bordeaux this morning, so more on that later lest I miss the train and have nothing to tell.


Jen Umm said...

Many thanks for your message on my blog, I am following you now via bloglovin.
I look forward to reading your future posts :)

Anonymous said...

I love the shoes paired with those socks! So cute.

I hope you have a lovely time in Bordeaux, sounds lovely!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! xx

Meera said...

These shoes are gorgeous! The studs look amazing.

xoxo, Meera

Bella said...

Těším se MOC na zážitky z Bordeaux! Užívej :-)


Alessandra Mazzini said...

Cool shoes!!!

Egoist Soul said...

Nice shoes =)

Rayani Rodrigues Melo said...

In love with your blog =]