Friday, October 26, 2012


By some incredible stroke of luck, Jack and I managed to bag second prize in an EU creative competition with the video (way) below. And just like that, we found ourselves being shipped (flown/train-ed) over to the heart of the EU - Brussels. Our couple of days there were mostly spent in the EU Parliament meeting far too important people and trying to look slightly older than we actually were - the "DELEGATE" tags we were given helped, though my answer to the "where were you delegated from?" question was never really smooth enough. We were interviewed by a Danish newspaper and a European blog (ohyesthisisasfamousasi'mgonnaget), quizzed a couple of MEPs on their opinions of the EU's future and just generally put our "important" faces on. But despite our childish attempts at conquering the EU Parliament, we managed to befriend an array of super interesting people and just generally have a blast.
 Important wardrobe decisions back in my Poitiers apartment. In a sudden realisation that what I really wanted was to brighten up the MEPs' day, I opted for the most screamingly flowery pants I could find.
 Delegates! This one's Jack's obv.
 The theatre filling up, complete with headsets and mikes for everyone - I won't even attempt to deny that Blue and I tried to act out a pilot / radio tower scene.
 Ethiopian restaurant for dinner! The most finger-licking meal I've had in a while. Like, literally, I don't usually eat with my fingers.

Our last shot from brussels, plus a part of Jack's head in the bottom corner.

And here is our video for those who are interested:


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pants!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours and am your new follower. xx

Susie said...

awesome video! so cool you won that contest, and i love your choice of the flowered pants for the celebration.

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