Tuesday, May 28, 2013


(Zara blazer, Forever 21 shirt and shoes, Arch skirt -- Zara top, Tally Weijl leggings, Forever 21 shoes, Mango sunglasses)

Four days in the South of France were a lovely refresher towards the end of exams, though I do feel that a few good meals and good bottles of wine later, it was no longer the weight of my hand luggage that concerned me as much as my own... Anyway, all worth it, right? (The last shot is of my momma =P)

Čtyři dny na jihu Francie byly krásným odpočinkem ke konci zkoušek, i když přiznávám, že po kopách dobrého jídla a pár flaškách dobrého vína už jsem se nezajimala tolik o váhu svých zavazadel, jako o tu svoji... Každopádně to stálo zato, ne? (Poslední fotka je mojí mamky=P)


Unknown said...

Nice outfits :)

I am off to South of France too!!!


Ladies in Navy said...

beautiful photos! the wine looks lovely
kw ladies in navy

Spoonful Of Diamonds said...

your travels look so beautiful



Flor - Mate&Bizcochitos said...

Amazing pictures!


Insanely It said...

ahaha it is the same with me everytime i travel. Hand luggage weigt is not the main problem! ahah! loved your photos!! :D

Blog de la Licorne. said...

Och, tak rada by som tam šla :(

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Tara said...

When I find myself in the doldrums or seized by the dreaded grip of inertia, I know of one thing that will certainly elevate my spirits: good photography!
And so, I am here, pouring through your beautiful, enviable snaps; wishing I was somewhere where the sun is strong enough to play with the foliage in the trees, and create those ethereal pools of light as seen in photo no. 5... as opposed to an ever-greying London!

Best Wishes,


Love and Ace said...

South of France? I am utterly jealous. Enjoy your fabulous vacay! x, kat

Love and Ace

Anny Barros said...

Lovely pics!

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Unknown said...

Love the photo in the little cave-thing! Your photos are really nice quality, nice to browse through.

I envy for for your trip, it looks amazing. And don't worry, there isn't a person in the world who would be able to leave the south of France without a little extra weight. I know I would have definitely made the most of the delicious food and lotsss of wine! ;)


Unknown said...

Just came across your blog - now following. It is stunning your photography is amazing look forwardto keeping up with you in the future. Love Laura xxx A Scottish Lass ❤

Unknown said...

Oh wow, these pictures are incredible!! You are such an amazing photographer. You look really cute in your outfit too :) thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog! You have a new follower now!